Manual Handling Training

Course Description

This interactive course covers the essential information and knowledge along with practical application needed to ensure staff have the required understanding of the process of manual handling both safely incorporating good practice principles covering areas such as risk assessment and minimal handling principles.

Course Outline

Introduction to legislation including:

  • Health and safety
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations
  • Provision use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • Lifting Operation Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • Manual handling risk assessment
  • Back facts and statistics
  • Spine anatomy and functions
  • Impacts of handling injuries
  • Principles of safe handling
  • Practical handling of loads

Course Duration



The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment.


All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues.

More About This Course

Moving and Handling Training

What is moving and handling training for health and social care workers?

Work within the health and social care sector frequently involves having to lift, move or handle people who may well be ill, frail, or vulnerable. It’s crucial to have proper training in how to handle people safely. When it’s done badly, it can easily result in injury both for the individual being handled and the care professional who is attempting to move them. Manual handling training for carers should be undertaken by anyone who works in the health and social care sector. The aim is ultimately to ensure that care workers are able to safely move people with the minimal amount of effort and intervention.

Why moving and handling training for carers is important

Moving and handling training should be a must have for anyone who helps people with restricted movement go about their day. It may require specialist equipment. Carers should undertake the course not only for the people they are moving but also for themselves. Incorrect moving and handling can sometimes result in serious injury to the carer.


What does moving and handling of people training involve?

Manual handling training consists of the theory and practice of handling. It takes you through every step needed when you need to move someone as part of their care. It will look at health and safety as well as relevant legislation, particularly in relation to the responsibilities of both employer and employee. It will look at Manual Handling Operations Regulations, Provision use Of Work Equipment Regulations and Lifting Operation Lifting Regulations.

Trainees will be taught how to undertake a full manual risk assessment. They will learn how to assess the extent of the patient’s capabilities, as well as what they can and cannot do for themselves. By the end of the course they will know how to correctly assess potential risks and hazards. It will also look at the correct use of equipment and how to maintain a good posture during lifting and moving tasks. After the course, carers will be able to minimise risk before moving and positioning individuals.

Learning how to move and handle correctly deepens medical knowledge

Correct manual handling training can help the caregiver deepen their medical knowledge and, in turn, strengthen their confidence. It teaches the caregiver all about posture, different handling techniques, the kinetic approach, lowering, pushing and pulling. It explores spine anatomy and functions and the impact of handling injuries.

Employees who have successfully completed manual handling training will understand why good handling is so important.

Embark Learning’s Manual Handling course is a comprehensive choice

Embark Learning’s Manual Handling course covers all the essential aspects of moving and handling training in a lively and interactive way over the course of three hours. Assessment is ongoing by the trainer and all participants will receive a certificate of attendance. It can be delivered at a venue suitable for you or at an Embark Learning training centre.

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