Our Team

Meet our committed, ambitious, creative and highly experienced team… always happy to help!

Alex O'Neill
Operations Director

Eyad Hanash
Head Of Operations

Tina Dalzell
Engagement & Progressions Manager

Sarah Kenning
Quality & Delivery Manager

Ann Dunn
Compliance & Funding Manager/ Safeguarding Lead

Jade Hudson
Commercial Sales Manager

Edd O'Neill
Business Development Manager

Safwan Hanash
Business Development Manager (SWAP)

Zayeed Kabiree
Finance Manager

Molly campbell
Finance/Admin Assistant

Sarah Lidgbird
Team Operations Coordinator

Sam Badger
Marketing Officer

Jack Quinn
Systems & Data Administrator

Siobhon Thornley
Lead IQA

Lisa Hope
Learner Engagement Advisor

Alex McGregor
Learner Engagement Advisor

Jenny Ball
Lead Commercial Trainer

Kelly Brookes

Kelly Bailey
Trainer/Assessor Designated Safe Guarding Officer

Ana Geada

Jenny Shinton

Krisztina Kadar

Gary Hope
Commercial Trainer

John Mayo
Employment Transition Coach

Kelly Powell
Employment Transition Coach

Rosslyn Lythe

Martin Bate

Adam Curtis

Maria Peart
Trainer/ Assessor