Train The trainer

Train the Trainer

When it comes to delivering training and education courses across the health and care sector, there’s no more important role than that of the trainer. They need to educate, communicate and inspire, passing on the latest knowledge and best practice to people working on the frontline.

Courses We Offer:

What is a train the trainer course?

Train the trainer healthcare courses equip trainers to lead courses and training sessions. This can either be in-house courses, or in third party settings. They equip people within healthcare settings to confidently lead training courses in their workplace. This might be to provide induction courses for new employees, or to support colleagues who are taking on new roles with extra responsibilities. Whoever they are training and for whatever reason, the trainer should have a thorough understanding of their subject and know how best to communicate their skills and knowledge.

Developments in professional knowledge and practice

Healthcare is a dynamic sector where knowledge is always developing. Best practice changes all the time too. By sharing and developing good practice, levels of service and care can grow and develop. The aim is always to provide the highest possible level of care to those who are being looked after. What was good practice several years ago may now be superseded. As a result, it’s important that anyone who acts in a training capacity is fully aware of the latest professional knowledge.

Trainers need to be prepared

As with any kind of educator, you need to be able to think on your feet. You do this by ensuring that you are fully abreast of your subject. Without that you could well be caught out. Active learners like to ask questions, so you need to be confident that you can answer them, or that you know where to find the necessary information.

How often do refresher courses typically need to be taken in healthcare?

Legislation doesn’t set out how often refresher courses need to take place, but attention needs to be paid to workforce development, the ability of the trainer to carry out their duties and changes in professional knowledge. As a general rule, it’s advisable to refresh your training every few years.

Train the trainer courses from Embark Learning

At Embark Learning we are experienced providers of high-quality health and care courses. We equip people working in the sector with the skills they need to carry out their professional role to the best of their abilities.

Our People Handling Train the Trainer course is designed with the needs of workplace trainers in mind. This 18-hour course delivered over three days, equips people to become competent and knowledgeable trainers when it comes to people handling. Our refresher courses ensure that your skills are kept up to date. Assessment is carried out by the course trainer, and the course can be delivered at a range of locations to suit the client.

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