Recommended Courses

If you’re starting or are already some way into a career in the health and care sector, you may be wondering how best to improve your skills. There are so many different courses that you could undertake. These range from the mandatory set of training you will need to complete and keep refreshed, to highly practical clinical training which covers particular skills that you may need in your role.

Then there’s a range of recommended courses that could be beneficial.

Embark Learning offer a full range of recommended courses

At Embark Learning our programme of recommended courses is extensive. Currently we offer:

Why are some courses recommended and who might benefit?

Recommended courses are a way to go above and beyond what’s mandatory, to a much deeper level of understanding. They help flesh out the role of the carer, giving care professionals new insights and approaches that help them better fulfill their role. Anyone employed in a caring role would benefit from a recommended course, but they are particularly useful for anyone who is in any kind of supervisory role, or who wants to progress their career. If you are an employer in a care setting, encouraging members of your team to embark on extra recommended courses can give them new confidence and strengthen the range of skills they have available.

Education is key for workers in the healthcare industry

Health and social care settings are incredibly challenging and varied. The range of challenges is constantly evolving. To help workers in the healthcare industry adapt and meet these challenges they continually need to be refreshing and deepening their skills. Mandatory training, and certificates that are required by legislation, cover the basics for working in the sector, but further training can help people become more rounded and confident professionals. Recommended courses can also help people move towards certification that can help them develop their careers further.

Knowledge and good practice are always developing

Recommended courses can help health and care workers stay ahead of developments across the sector. Good practice is always evolving and developing and training can help staff learn from the best. No industry stands still, and healthcare is no different. Those that work within it need to be continually developing their skills and deepening their knowledge base.

At Embark Learning, we recognise that everyone is on their own individual professional journey. With that in mind we help people forge their own unique path forward. Our extensive programme of recommended courses can deepen your knowledge, strengthen your skills, and bolster your confidence.

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