The Skills Lab

The Skills Lab

Developed in conjunction with key employers, our Virtual Reality resources and Skills Lab provides an environment that allows learners to experience a real social care environment, including equipment for core skills such as profile beds, full scale patient care manikins, hoists, stand aids, medication trolleys and a fully equipped medical kit to suit all clinical needs.

Our Skills Labs create an environment that is specifically constructed in order for role play and simulation learning to take place. Simulation learning enables learning to fine tune and focus on important skills. The Skills Lab’s encompasses all learning styles and gives learners a way to explore without holding back. The facilities is specifically catered to benefit not only the learner but also employers.

The Skills Labs also change attitudes towards training making learners more proactive, productive and prepared whilst protecting service users with the correct techniques and evidence based practice.

Scenarios have been written by our experienced Trainers to give a true feel to a social care environment, creating proactive individualised care and ensuring that empathy and compassion is at the heart of the care.


Interactive Virtual Reality experiences puts our learners at the centre of the action, providing a unique and memorable experience that traditional training videos cannot match. Virtual realities are designed for our interaction for very specific reasons to create experiences not otherwise possible.

Virtual reality will allow us to create any environment for simulated interactions and at Embark Learning we are using top of the range equipment to bring you the best, possible experience. Virtual reality allows learners to gain knowledge, whilst building experience by ‘learning through practice’ without inconvenience. It also gives learners the ability to revisit scenarios at their own pace.

The 360 videos in addition helps learners gain a new perspective, it provides a unique way of empathising with service users and understand what it feels like for them in everyday life. It encourages learners to reflect on their practice when out in the field and offers a new insight that cannot be achieved without Virtual Reality.

A Day in the Life of a Healthcare Worker

This is a practical course not a theory based course, handovers are included from night shifts to lunch. The course content and structure is under pinned not only from a mandatory compliance point of view but encompasses the Care Certificate.

The course is designed to replicate the everyday life of a healthcare worker and allowing the demonstration of not just how something should be done, but why it should be done. Whilst following a care plan and demonstrating the importance of person centred care, communication and safeguarding. The experience really underpins the “the why” something is done and allows the opportunity for reflective practice.

The 2 days cover the following:

  • Understand what to expect and the procedures to follow when walking into a care home
  • Understand what to wear and when, at work
  • Understand how you should enter a service user’s room
  • Understand how to communicate with individual service users
  • Understand DOLs
  • Understand personal care and their role is supporting others/PEG/catheter/pressure care/tracheostomy/stoma
  • Understand your responsibilities and your role in medication
  • Understanding individual fluid and nutrition requirements and your role when supporting
  • Understanding Dysphagia and the responsibility of the care worker
  • Be able to support service users with eating and drinking
  • Understand how to complete daily notes, food and fluid charts
  • Understand end of shift procedure
  • End of day documentation
  • Handover to night staff
  • Leaving a shift and what should be complete before leaving the premises
  • First aid