Social care is continually changing to meet the needs of an ageing population and people living longer with multiple conditions. There’s greater focus on supporting people to live independently, often at home and reducing the need for hospital treatment. 

This means that care organisations are working in new ways, creating lots of new and exciting roles, including jobs that cover both social care and health, and roles that focus on specialist knowledge such as dementia, end of life, learning disability or autism care.

Qualifications whilst you’re working in adult social care

The qualifications you would be working towards in health and social care are diplomas. The qualifications delivered by Embark Learning Care Academy are:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Care
  • Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care

If this is your first job in adult social care, then you could gain these diplomas whilst you work. As well as the diplomas there are a range of smaller Continuing Professional Development (CPD) qualifications which can support workers in more specialist areas of social care or with particular interests or requirements.