The Learner Journey

The Learner Journey

Stage 1: IAG


Prior to any programme commencing, prospective learners will receive effective and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance. This includes open days, recruitment days, telephone and web enquiries. There is also a chance for potential learners to ask questions of staff so that they can make informed decisions on whether to apply. IAG continues throughout the programme to ensure learners are on track and aware of what they need to do to progress.

Stage 2: Initial Assessment


We carry out a robust Initial Assessment to ensure that learners are on the right programme and at the right level. This covers assessment of literacy and numeracy to identify knowledge gaps, personal and social initial assessment so that we can provide or signpost to additional support if needed. Information collected at this stage will feed into the ILP for the learner.

Stage 3: Induction


The Induction ensures learners are aware of the training and qualifications they will be undertaking. This will also cover topics such as equality and diversity, health and safety, safeguarding, prevent and online learning.  We make sure that learners are familiar with premises and with our learner complaints and appeals procedure.

Stage 4: Individual Learning Plans


The ILP captures programme milestones, how the programme will be delivered and its content, review mechanisms and any additional support needs and how these will be met.


Stage 5: Additional Support


Personal circumstances can impact on a learner’s ability to attend, focus on and make progress and Embark Learning make every effort to provide support to help them through these situations.  We also have access to a range of support services and we also have contact details of numerous agencies that we can signpost learners to, if we are unable to provide the support ourselves.


Stage 6: Feedback


We obtain learner feedback on the learner’s experience of stages 1-3 and mid-programme in order to help us improve our IAG and Induction processes.

Stage 7: Delivery


Delivery will commence as agreed. Our delivery staff are ambitious, creative and successful in maintaining learner interaction. We ensure delivery is interesting and relevant and all our Trainers maintain their occupational competence. Innovative teaching and learning methods are used, and we use information learning technologies to support learning. Our training materials are engaging and of a very high quality, often designed in conjunction with the awarding organisation.

Stage 8: Reviews


Learner reviews take place every 2 weeks with the learner and Trainer to discuss their progress against the agreed milestones and identify any improvements.

Stage 9: Exit Interview


At the end of the programme, learners evaluate their experience with us. We ask learners what they enjoyed about their learning and how we improve. We also aim to measure the impact that the programme has made on learners and discuss progression opportunities.

Stage 10: Progression


We will provide learners with information about what they can do next depending on their goals.