Clinical Training

What is involved in Clinical Training?

Care professionals need a range of vital skills and competencies to enable them to properly do their job. Proper training helps carers develop professionally, helping them to grow in confidence as well as acquire skills. It helps them feel confident that they can face a wide range of potential issues within their working life. Learning never stops in a caring role, and each new day presents a new set of challenges.

Put simply, clinical training is any programme of practical training that gives the attender a set of particular clinical skills.

What Clinical training courses do Embark offer?

The clinical training programme at Embark Learning is extensive. These currently include:

Why is clinical training important?

Clinical training courses can give carers the opportunity to develop a range of professional skills. This can help them develop as carers, enabling them to better fulfill their role. The courses focus on specific skills, which taken together ensure that a carer is well-equipped to deal with a wide range of tasks that occur within a healthcare and caring setting. For example, the safe storage and administration of medicine are absolutely essential for carers and this will be covered as part of the training.

Clinical training can give your career a boost, strengthen your confidence, and make you an asset to your employer.

Clinical training is important across the health and care sector

The kind of practical skills that are learnt during clinical training are used across the health and care sector, from care homes to home based care roles, to specialist support services and early years settings. It might be embarked upon by carers, or as a refresher course in particular skills for medical professionals and other people in caring roles.

It’s important to refresh your clinical skills

Clinical training skills should be updated and refreshed regularly, particularly if the individual has periods where they haven’t been using them.

These cover a wide range of different competencies, all of which are vital across the health and care sector. Most of the courses last a few hours and can be delivered at locations to suit the client, or at an Embark Learning training centre. The clinical skills trainer will assess each participant’s progress during the course, and certification will be awarded for attendees at the end of the session.

At Embark Learning, we recognise that everyone is on their own individual professional journey. With that in mind we help people forge their own unique path forward. Our extensive programme of clinical training can give you and your organisation the skills needed to offer a comprehensive and reliable service to your clients.

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