Online Training with Embark Learning

Blended Learning packages are a mix of short-course, classroom-based training, online care training courses provided by VideoTile and Virtual Reality learning – the next big step in technological training development. This approach ensures clients receive maximum value from their training budget by tapping into the vast portfolio of care training online that VideoTile and EMBARK have made available.

EMBARK have developed a range of video presented learning modules that offer a huge portfolio of e learning for health and safety, business skills and health and social care sectors, that is delivered in exactly the same way as classroom based training would be, but it is done in the learners own time, anywhere that they are able to get online. We have e learning for healthcare professionals that covers Safe Handling of Medicines for Nursing to Dementia, Mental Health, Learning Disability, Infection Control training for a Care Assistant. We are also able to offer more mandatory training like First Aid CPR and Food Safety for catering settings.

Constantly updated and refreshed, the courses are presented in modules that the learners must complete before they are able to continue, ensuring that learning is successful.

These courses are not animated multiple choice, but professionally filmed human beings explaining their way through material with questions and answers along the way. Every learner has a fully auditable learning record in the back end, allowing for accurate reporting and monitoring of staff progress.

Employees can complete VideoTile courses off-site, at their own convenience, freeing up precious time to concentrate on bespoke, classroom training. All of this feeds seamlessly in to the formal qualification pathway. Allowing people to progress though Apprenticeships at Level 2 and 3, as well as Diplomas in Health and Social Care – the learner journey really does become endless.

Take a look at the courses we have offer visit our training portal for more information. You can also register for a FREE trial.​