Safeguarding Adults

Course Description

An essential course for all staff regardless of the job role, we understand the importance of all staff having necessary knowledge relating to safeguarding of adults at risk. Ensuring participants have the essential knowledge of who is covered by safeguarding procedures, the different types of abuse and how these may take place.

The course covers the most recent and up to date information relating to adult safeguarding referenced to the Care Act 2014 and the legal duties of staff as well as introduction of the legal categories of wilful neglect and ill-treatment.

Course Outline

  • Understand what adult safeguarding is and what it includes
  • Understand who an adult at risk is and what may make them more likely to risk
  • Understand where abuse may happen
  • Explore the different forms of abuse and their associated signs
  • Look at the legal context of adult safeguarding
  • Explore the roles and responsibilities of health and social care staff and others
  • Understand the safeguarding process
  • Explore positive approaches to safeguarding

Course Duration



The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment.


All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues.

More About This Course

What is involved in safeguarding training?

Safeguarding Training is extremely important because no matter the job role, every member of staff should be aware of the legal duties they have in regards to the safeguarding of adults who might be at risk.

Safeguarding training will ensure that all participants understand what adult safeguarding is about and what the duty entails. The safeguarding training course will allow the learners to get a better idea of who an adult at risk is, what type of things can make an adult more at risk than others and where potential abuse may occur.

An adult at risk can be identified as being aged 18 years or older and may be in need of community care services for reasons such as mental or other disability, age or illness and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself. The adult at risk may also be unable to protect themselves against any abuse or exploitation.

Furthermore, participants will be able to explore the different types of abuse and the signals to look out for. For example, some signs of abuse are as follows:

  • An air of silence when a particular person is present.
  • Withdrawal or change in the psychological state of the person.
  • Insomnia.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Uncooperative and aggressive behaviour.
  • A change of appetite, weight loss/gain.
  • Signs of distress: tearfulness, anger.


Participants in the Safeguarding Training course will also be educated on the legal context of adult safeguarding which will show them how they can legally protect adults at risk according to the system.

Another vital section of the Safeguarding Training Course entails going through the roles and responsibilities of health and social care staff, among others.

Finally, the last part of the Safeguarding Training course is ensuring that participants fully understand the safeguarding process whilst exploring positive approaches to safeguarding.

Why should someone undergo safeguarding training, and what are the benefits?

Safeguarding Training is vital because the main objective upon completion of this training course is that members of staff have the knowledge and training to be able to detect when they feel an adult may be at risk of harm, abuse or exploitation. Completing this course will allow members of staff to help prevent adults at risk from being harmed and could ultimately save their life.

Courses such as Safeguarding Training are there for the benefit of adults at risk who may not have known that they are being neglected, abused or exploited. Participants of the course will be able to help anybody they feel is being harmed and can let them know that support is available.

Why should someone choose to do safeguarding training with Embark Learning?

Here at Embark Learning, we are very experienced in delivering courses of the utmost importance to your staff such as Safeguarding Training. We are extremely professional in the sense that feedback will always be provided to ensure that participants fully understand the reason they are taking part in such courses.

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