Infection Control

Course Description

Infection prevention and control has become a fundamental and important part of ensuring the welfare and safety of individuals living within care settings and those vulnerable to the risks of Health Care Associated Infections. Our infection control course provides the vital information to guide practice and break the chain of infection.


Course Outline

  • Understand the meaning of infection prevention and control
  • The impact of infection on the individual and the service
  • Identify the different modes of transmission
  • Identify the different parts of the chain of infection and how these can be broken
  • Different micro-organisms that can cause infection
  • The role of cleaning

Course Duration



The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment.


All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues.

More About This Course

What is involved in infection control training?

Infection Prevention and Control Training involves educating those who work in an environment where it is possible for infections to be transmitted so that they understand how pathogens can be spread within the work environment. For healthcare workers, this could be transmitting diseases and infections from patient to patient, worker to patient, patient to worker and so on. It is crucial that infection control in care homes is taken seriously as the residents will be at a higher risk than those of a younger age. For workers who are involved with animal waste, the handling of animals it is also crucial that they understand and learn about the infection prevention procedures.

The spread of infections within the healthcare environment will always be an important issue due to the fact that if any mistakes are made, they can be fatal. It is extremely important that all staff whether their work is within the clinical or non-clinical healthcare industry are educated on how the spread of infections can be prevented. With regards to the infection control policy, anyone who works in the healthcare industry must take part in infection control training every 4 years upon renewing their license. The aim of the Infection Control Policy is to ensure that the Trust provides an environment and system of care which minimises the risk of infection to patients, staff and visitors.

Learners who take part in an infection control course will be taught about infection control procedures such as the handling of sharp medical equipment, sterilisation procedures and the management of bodily fluids.

A list of occupations that would hugely benefit from taking part in an infection prevention and control training course are as follows:

  • Nurses
  • Health care assistants
  • Dentists
  • Cleaners
  • Refuse workers
  • Chiropodists and Acupuncturists
  • Tattooists
  • Anyone who works with animals, including vets

Why should someone do infection control training, and what are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of taking part in Infection Prevention and Control Training is that it allows the staff to be completely qualified to do their job properly and ensures that there are no health risks such as the spread of an infection within the work environment which could end up affecting workers, patients and customers.

Furthermore, when a business such as a care home or a cleaning company is known to be up to date with training and complying with policies, it shines a good light on them and will improve their reputation.

Having staff trained regularly will help to motivate them as they will feel empowered with the knowledge they have been given and will allow them to work with confidence knowing they can do their job whilst protecting themselves and others around them.

Why should someone choose to do infection control training with Embark Learning?

Here at Embark Learning, we have the tools, experience and knowledge to ensure that your staff are trained properly. We are here to help teach and inform your staff so that your business can proceed to be successful with a healthy and positive atmosphere in your workplace. When using Embark Learning, your staff will leave feeling confident about their role which in time will have a positive impact in your workplace.

We will always provide feedback to clients and learners to make sure that they feel they have gotten the most out of their training and fully understand what knowledge they are supposed to be leaving with.

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