Health & Safety Awareness

Course Description

This course forms part of our mandatory training suite and contains the essential information for all staff. Presented in a fun and informative way designed to meet the needs of staff working in a range of settings to ensure participants have the essential knowledge to support health and safety practices as part of their roles.

Course Outline

  • Explain what we mean by food safety and why this is important
  • Discuss the main hazards associated with food safety
  • Overview of food safety law and enforcement powers
  • The importance of cleaning and personal hygiene
  • Overview of HACCP
  • Different types of contamination
  • Look at pest control

Course Duration



The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment.


All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues.

More About This Course

Health & Safety Matters

Accidents and ill health at work create needless suffering, can be disruptive and incur huge costs. Ensuring good health and safety practices has to be a priority for everyone in the workplace. In 2018/19 there were 147 fatal injuries to workers in the UK and an incredible 69,208 non-fatal accidents. The government estimates that workplace accidents and illness cost the British economy a staggering £15 billion a year.

Educating employees in the basics of health and safety helps reduce accidents and injuries, saving businesses from expensive legal battles. Safe work environments relieve employees of worry and helps to raise staff morale.

Why do health and social care workers need health and safety training?

Good health and safety is even more vital when workers are caring for vulnerable people. If you’re a business owner in the social care sector, then health and safety staff training for employees is one investment you can’t afford not to make.

A comprehensive range of courses

Embark Learning offer a number of health and safety courses to help your workforce achieve safe, healthy working environments. Health and safety may be no laughing matter, but the courses are delivered in a fun and lively way. Assessment is on-going throughout the course and all delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

Health & Safety Awareness

This 3-hour course contains essential information that should be understood by all employees. It looks at legislation, common causes of accidents, electrical safety, fire safety and prevention as well as safer moving and handling.

Health, Safety & Hygiene in Health & Social Care

This 6-hour course combines health and safety with food hygiene and infection control making it a comprehensive option for the health and social care sector including staff in non-care facing roles. It outlines health and safety legislation, how to prevent accidents and reduce risks. It introduces students to good hygiene practice and how to identify hygiene hazards. Personal and food hygiene is covered, as too is the importance of cleaning.

Fire Awareness Theory

A 3-hour course that helps employees get to grips with fire legislation, risk spotting, hazard awareness and how to respond should a fire break out.

Food Safety Awareness

Food safety is a priority in the care sector and this 3-hour course explores the main hazards associated with food preparation as well as how to ensure that good hygiene practices are followed.

Manual Handling

Handling clients safely and with dignity is a key part of good health and safety practice in the care sector. This 3-hour course looks at the legislation, the practical handling of loads and the principles of safe handling.

Risk Assessment

This 3-hour introduction to risk assessment explains the meaning and purpose of the practice, how to evaluate the level of risk and what sensible precautions towards risk reduction should be taken.

Want to learn more?

Embark Learning can tailor a programme of health and safety courses that match your particular requirements. Why not get in touch with us today and find out more ?