Partnership with Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club

Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club confirmed that Embark Learning Care Academy will be the Main Club Sponsor and Community Partner until 2025. In addition, sponsorship funds will also be used towards the Birmingham Moseley Foundation Community Education Scheme, which will be known as the Embark Learning Care Academy Education Programme.

“We’re thrilled that Embark Learning has become our sponsor, they are incredible and innovative businesses that I know will thrive, especially in the current climate and in light of how attitudes have changed. We have many plans for the club and we’re happy that Embark Learning will play a part in them, so we’re confident this will be an excellent and beneficial long term partnership.”
Robin Johnson
Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club

The partnership is really important to be able to stretch The Embark Learning Care Academy’s reach and this gives us a huge chance to be right at the heart of Birmingham communities, offering real jobs to real people.

The club are hugely community focussed, as are Embark and having our training centre and facilities in South Birmingham provides us with a massive opportunity for the local community to have access to a great training, a great career and a great chance to make a difference along with all of us.

“We would like to give thanks to our partner Embark Learning. It has been a fantastic first year in partnership which has seen both parties benefit immensely. The stats show the incredible job that Embark have done here at the club and how it has greatly benefitted the local community.

The next season will show massive growth on what has been an outstanding first year at the club. This is only the start of what we are sure will be a long and dynamic partnership with much more exciting news, developments and progress to follow. We look forward to working alongside our partner Embark on what will be an upward journey for them and the rugby club.”
Pete Geddes
Open Clubhouse


Moseley Rugby Community Foundation is the charitable foundation arm of Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club. It was established in 2004 to work with local schools to improve and protect the health of children in and around the inner City of Birmingham.

Whilst working with local schools remains a major focus, the club have widened their activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Birmingham and the surrounding area.