50 Plus? Youth? Male Carers

What a blessed day! I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing people. One of them is Chris Layton, a male carer, with a great dress sense, who I met a year ago at Kings Norton JCP. It’s incredible to see how far he has come! Chris this week celebrated his 62nd birthday and is still working with Fairway Healthcare, doing exceptionally well. A big round of applause to Chris for his dedication and hard work. Well done, my friend! 👏

Also, on the same day I bumped into Mohammed Choudhury who I signed up at a Walsall JCP. Many congratulations to Mo for his incredible achievement of enrolling with Embark Learning, completing the care SWAP, getting accredited, securing a job with Fairway Healthcare and proudly wearing his uniform!

It’s essential to recognise and support the #50plus group and #Youth, as they play a vital role in the workforce. Embark Learning and Fairway also work hard towards breaking stereotypes by encouraging more #male carers to join the sector as they are an under represented group.

I’m grateful my paths crossed with both of these remarkable people and was part of their journey at the start. They both thanked me for engaging with them to enter the care sector. I take no credit, it’s all their hard work and our great team at Embark Learning.

It endorses our great partnership and dedication with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Fairway Healthcare in getting people into work especially from those under represented groups.

I’m still smiling! It’s what we are all about 😃